One of the main challenges of owning a swimming pool is to maintain it well at all times. You would want your pool to have clear water that is free from all types of dust and debris. While you might own a complete cleaning kit to maintain the chlorine content, pH balance, alkalinity of your pool water, you might still find it frustrating to note some contaminants still floating in your water, when you get in for a dip. These contaminants are so small that they cannot be cleaned through the normal chemical kits or solutions available in the market; you need effective pool filter sands to be installed near your pools to remove all these substances permanently so that your water is crystal-clear and free from all types of contaminants. In this article, we have given you a brief overview of some of the best pool filter sands that you can find in the stores today.

1. Fairmount Minerals Pool Filter Sand 20 Grade Silica Sand – 50lbs.

Fairmount Minerals Pool Filter Sand 20 Grade Silica Sand – 50lbs.

Pool Filter Sand 20 Grade Silica


Silica Sand is the first option that you have to try if you are looking for good quality pool filter sands that keep your pool free from the tiniest of dust particles. When you are buying silica sand, it is very important that you choose the right brand. Fairmount Minerals is one of the reputed names in this field, and you can trust this product to help you maintain your pool in top condition at all times. Here are some more details of this sand, for your better understanding: Features

  • 100% chemical-free natural sand that has been designed exclusively for uniform backwashing
  • Eco-friendly sand that ensures that your pool doesn’t face any issue of clogging of dust particles or algae overgrowth or contaminants
  • Specialized silica sand that acts effectively on contaminants such as algae, dust, hair, insects, bath oils and other small dirt particles
Pros and Cons
  • Clean and dry sand that is very effective on tiny dust particles
  • Excellent for aquarium use
  • Very fine sand, which doesn’t work well with Intex sand filters
  • Sometimes, sand gets settled at the bottom of the pool, making the cleaning-job pretty awful


Bottom Line As a pool owner, you might know that silica sands are great for filters. However, with this particular pack from Fairmount Minerals, the major problem is with the consistency of the sands. While they look clean and fresh, they are not as big as they should be. The sand is very fine, which makes it a hopeless combination when used with Intex filters. Hence, it doesn’t act well on the contaminants, thereby defeating the main purpose for which it has been designed. Also, many users felt that this silicon sands pack is overpriced online and that you could buy it at a cheaper rate from any home improvement store. Don’t use it if you plan to use it in your pool; however, it is a good choice if you plan to use it in your aquarium.

2. HTH 61308 Pool Filter Sand


Arch Chemical had come out with its brand, HTH Pool Filter Sand a few years ago. Ever since the sand was launched into the market, it has been garnering fairly positive reviews from evryone, for its efficiency. Here are some features of this product: Features

  • The main ingredient of this pool filter sand is crystalline Silica, which is one of the best options for removing all types of dust and contaminants from your pool
  • Comes in such a consistency that makes it suitable to be used with all the filters
Pros and Cons
  • Works great for fish tanks
  • Great consistency, which makes it compatible with all pool filters
  • Quite steeply priced (at around $50) online vs $12 at local stores
  • During backwash, some sand does escape, when you are using it
Bottom Line While the sand itself isn’t too bad, we would strictly ask you not to buy this product online as it is at least three times costlier than the price yo8u get it for, from your local store.

3. Quikrete Pool Filter Sand

Quikrete Pool Filter Sand

Quikrete Pool Filter Sand


If you are looking for decent quality filter sands for your swimming pool at an affordable price, you could try out the Quikrete Pool Filter Sand. Here are some details of this product, for your reference: Features

  • It comes as a pack of 50lb. silica sand that has been graded and cleaned well
  • Comes with a particle size of 0.85 to 0.425, which means the sand is coarse and is of the desired size that makes it compatible with most of the filters
Pros and Cons
  • Works with most of the filters because the sand particles are not very fine
  • High-quality sand particles from Quikrete; the product keeps your pool clean and fresh
  • Comes with a list of detailed directions that have to be read if you want your filter to work well
  • The sand filter needs to be backwashed and rinsed well before use if you want to avoid sand particles settling down in your pool
Bottom Line Quikrete is one of the well-names in the pool industry; this alone should give you enough reason to try this filter sand manufactured by them. The particle size of the sands makes it compatible with all pool filters, and the product is reasonably priced at around $50. So, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use this for your pool.

4. Glass Advantage Inc. FilterGlass Alternative Filter Media for Pool Sand Filters

Glass Advantage Inc. FilterGlass Alternative Filter Media for Pool Sand Filters

Filter Media for Pool Sand Filters


More often than not, if you aren’t able to find 20-grade silica sands, you can use good alternatives to pool sand filters. The Filter Glass Alternative Filter Media for Pool Sand Filters is one such attractive alternative that you can use for maintaining the cleanliness in your pool at all times. Features

  • One of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly pool sand filter alternatives available in the market
  • Makes optimum use of the pool filter and consumes 20% less filter glass than the consumption of silica sand you would have done otherwise, thereby resulting in reasonable power savings
  • Works effectively in removing bacteria, skin cells and blood cells that are as small as 2 to 5 microns as well
Pros and Cons
  • Built to reduce your power bills and increase the longevity of your unit
  • Energy-efficient backwashing results in less wastage of pool water
  • More effective than silica sands in that glass media can be used with metal removers and coagulants as well
  • Very reasonably priced at just a tad over $40
  • Considered as one of the best cleaning sands for in-ground and above-ground pools


  • Pool water has to be checked to be sure of its quality and chemical balance before using this product; this is because this sand works on the good quality of water
Bottom Line Glass media is one of the best-known alternatives to silica sands. What’s more? It is eco-friendly and results in a considerable reduction in your power bills as well. When you follow the instructions properly, you are sure to get pool water that is free from all types of contaminants, when you use the Filter Glass Alternative Filter Media for Pool Sand Filter.

5. Zeo ZeoSand Alternative Pool Sand Filter Media

Zeo ZeoSand Alternative Pool Sand Filter Media

Zeo ZeoSand Sand Filter Media


Zeosand is the second most commonly used alternative to silica sands. Like filter glass media, zeosand too does a better job than silica sand, and it is eco-friendly as well. Zeosand is got when zeolite and saltwater are mixed with each other. The ZeoSand Alternative Pool Sand Filter Media is one of the products that will give you the full benefits of zeosand so that you can enjoy a pool of fresh and hygienic water. Features

  • It comes as a pack of 50lbs. of zeosand; this is equivalent to a pack of 100lbs. of silica sand; therefore, this product does the same (or a better job of pool cleaning) at almost half of its quantity
  • Fine dust particles that aren’t captured by silica sands are removed by zeosand
  • Zeo Inc. sells this product as two 25lbs. bags instead of one 50lbs.bag
Pros and Cons
  • Lesser number of backwashing required than the traditional silica sand
  • Comes with a durability of 5 years
  • Priced quite reasonably at about $33
  • Very effective in removing harmful chloramines that are dangerous to your eyes and skin
  • Results in less energy consumption, reduced use of chemicals and lesser maintenance than silica sands
  • Optimizes the usage of the filter and increases its longevity
  • Some users noticed that pool turning green and cloudy after using this for a month; as a result of which more backwashing than the prescribed limit was required to set things normal again
Bottom Line Zeosand is a great alternative to silica sand. If you have been getting X results by using 100% of silica sands, you are sure to get at least 3X results by using 50% Zeosand. However, when it comes to this particular product, we are afraid that we cannot recommend this product for you, because we noticed quite some reviews about people who had complained that their pool water had turned green and cloudy after a month of using this sand. We do want you to experience the goodness of zeosand, though! Therefore, we request you to look for better zeosand products in the market, for the benefit of your pool.