Summer is all about fun in the sun, and the hottest way to maximize your family’s enjoyment on the lake this year is with a water blob! If you aren’t familiar with this thrilling watersport toy, a blob is a giant inflatable platform that lets you catapult friends and family high up into the air for an epic splashdown. With the ability to create heart-pounding launches repeatedly, blobs have exploded in popularity for creating nonstop laughs and excitement.

Blob Water Toy

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how blobs work, the top benefits of owning one, and the key factors to consider when choosing the best blob for your crew and budget. We did the research to identify the leading blob brands on the market and highlight what makes certain models stand out. 

We’ll share our pick for the #1 water blob that rises above the competition. Let’s dive into the joy of bouncing over the bounding blob! With the thrills, exercise, and lasting memories it provides, a blob is guaranteed to make this your family’s most awesome summer ever!

Searching for the ultimate water toy to bring thrills and laughs to your lake or pool days this summer? Then a blob, also known as a water blob or aquatic blob, should be at the top of your list!

What is a Water Blob?

A water blob is a large inflatable pillow that lets you hurl friends and family high up in the air for a fun splashdown into the water. They are an absolute blast and create endless entertainment.

Here’s how it works: 

The blob is a massive air-filled platform that floats on top of the water. It has a flat, cushioned surface made of very durable vinyl constructed to handle the impact of jumpers. One or more people stand on the edge of the blob and jump or bounce as others leap off from an adjacent platform or boat. This sends the jumpers catapulting up to incredible heights!

Blobs come in various sizes, typically holding 2-4 jumpers. They require constant airflow from a blower, so they stay fully inflated during use. The launching effect never gets old, making a blob a source of laughter and excitement all summer.

Top Benefits of Owning a Water Blob

Benefits of Owning a Water Blob

Here are some of the best aspects that make a blob an amazing investment:

Thrilling yet safe fun

 Proper use with reasonable heights and landing in the water instead of on the blob keeps it secure. Still, the launches get your heart racing!

Endless entertainment

The enjoyment never stops with a blob since it offers immediate repeats and engages the whole group. 

Great exercise

Jumping off and then swimming back for your next turn is a serious workout!

Just add water

Blobs only require a large body of water to operate safely; no special setup is needed.

Compact storage

Blobs deflate into manageable sizes for winter storage or transport. A roller duffel bag often makes storage and mobility easy.

Durable investment

Quality blobs from top brands hold up well for many seasons of use when cared for properly.

For nonstop fun that everyone can enjoy, a blob belongs at the top of your water toy wishlist!

Top Water Blob Brands

Choosing a reputable brand is key if you’re ready to buy a blob. Here are the top makers of water blobs that produce the highest quality and safest models:

WOW World of Watersports

WOW is one of the leading manufacturers of blobs and other towables with excellent performance and durability. 

Their WowBungulator push-off blob provides exciting launches and comes in 5 colors. It can accommodate riders up to 300 pounds for the ultimate family-friendly option.


Known for affordable prices on a huge range of aquatic toys, Banzai makes the Pipeline Inflatable Ride that delivers big bouncing thrills. 

It has a tapered front for extra launch power and can be used by 4 riders simultaneously. Banzai builds it to last multiple seasons.


Jasonwell’s Giant Inflatable Aqua Park has an attached climbing wall and slide plus a central O-shaped blob for launching.

This versatile all-in-one water play system packs up into a convenient carrying bag for mobility and storage. It provides options for every family member.

Blob Buying Considerations

Blob Water Toy Buying Considerations

Keep these key factors in mind when selecting the ideal water blob:

  • Passenger capacity – Make sure the blob can comfortably handle the weight of riders for your group. Many hold 200-300 pounds or more.
  • Inflated size – Standard blobs are around 10 feet across but larger models up to 18 feet wide are available for bigger groups.
  • Maximum user height – Look for a height limit that fits your tallest riders, usually 6 to 10 feet tall.
  • Materials – Durable vinyl that can withstand wear and tear through seasons of use is essential.
  • Weight limit – Heavier blobs support more people and force better launches. Capacity is often 1000 pounds or more. 
  • Special features – Some blobs add side stabilizers, headrests, or connected slides or platforms to enhance enjoyment.
  • Portability – Blobs should come with carry bags for easy transport and storage when deflated.

Doing your homework on the specs will ensure you get the ideal blob for your needs.

The Best Water Blob: WOW World of Watersports WowBungulator

After comparing the top models on the market, the WOW World of Watersports WowBungulator emerges as the best water blob you can buy.

Here’s a look at what makes it number one:

  • Huge size – At 18 feet wide, it has room for multiple riders to create amazing launches.
  • High-weight capacity – This workhorse blob can handle over 1000 pounds spread across its expansive surface. 
  • Quality build – It’s crafted from the most rugged 44-gauge PVC for lasting performance season after season.
  • Added stability – Perimeter handles and foam bumpers prevent tipping for safety.
  • Thrilling launches – The tapered front creates incredible height for heart-pounding fun.
  • Giant rolling duffel – The included bag makes storage a breeze and allows easy inflation on the water.

The WOW WowBungulator combines incredible size and strength with thoughtful features to deliver the ultimate blob experience to make your days on the lake unforgettable. 

While it represents a significant investment between $5000 and $6000, the years of enjoyment, huge rider capacity, and superior quality from a proven brand like WOW make it well worth the cost for serious water toy enthusiasts.

Create Lasting Summer Memories with a Blob

Create Lasting Summer Memories with a Blob

A water blob checks all the boxes for a big toy that takes fun on the lake to another level. With wow factor launches, laughs for everyone, and exercise packed into one inflatable, it’s easy to see why blobs are a top choice for making summer memories year after year.

The WOW World of Watersports WowBungulator stands above the competition as the #1 water blob on the market. Its mammoth size, bouncy launches, solid build, and ease of use make it the perfect centerpiece to your ultimate backyard water park!

Conclusion for The Blob Water Toy

Few water toys deliver the thrill and excitement of a blob for summertime fun. With the ability to send friends and family flying high into the sky, blobs create endless laughter, fond memories, and physical activity. The WOW World of Watersports WowBungulator stands tall as the ultimate blob we recommend because of its spacious size, durability, high weight capacity, and tapered launch design. While it represents a significant investment, the years of enjoyment and lasting quality make it worth the cost for serious water recreation. Just be sure to always follow safety guidance, and your crew is set for a showstopping summer. This season, give your lake and pool days an incredible boost by bringing home the magic of bouncing and launching on the best water blob around – the WOW WowBungulator!