Inflatable truck bed tents have revolutionized how outdoor enthusiasts and travelers approach their adventures. Combining traditional tents’ comfort with modern technology’s convenience, these inflatable tents are becoming a popular choice for many. 

This article will explore inflatable truck bed tents, their uses, and why you might need one. It will also take an in-depth look at one of the top brands in the market, Flated, with a detailed review of their FLATED AIR-Carrier Inflatable Rooftop Cargo Carrier.

Inflatable Truck Bed Tent

What is an Inflatable Truck Bed Tent?

An inflatable truck bed tent is a portable shelter that can be easily inflated and set up in the bed of a truck. Unlike traditional tents requiring poles and stakes, inflatable truck bed tents rely on air to maintain their structure. This innovation provides a comfortable and elevated sleeping area, away from the ground and potential hazards.

These tents offer several advantages over traditional truck bed tents, including quicker setup and takedown times, compact storage, and better protection from the elements. The inflatable design ensures the tent is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an ideal companion for any adventure.

Top Brands of Inflatable Truck Bed Tents

Several brands have made a mark in the inflatable truck bed tent market. These include:

  • Flated: Known for their innovative designs and durable materials, Flated offers a range of inflatable products, including truck bed tents and rooftop cargo carriers.
  • AirBedz: Specializes in inflatable mattresses and tents designed specifically for truck beds, providing comfort and convenience for campers.
  • Rightline Gear: Offers a variety of truck bed tents, including inflatable options, known for their quality and ease of use.
  • Napier: Known for their Sportz series of truck tents, Napier also offers inflatable options for those seeking quick and easy setups.

Review of the Flated Brand

Flated has established itself as a leader in the inflatable truck bed tent market thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. Founded to provide outdoor enthusiasts with practical and reliable solutions, Flated uses advanced materials and technology to create outstanding products.

Unique Features and Technologies:

  • Drop-Stitch Fabric: Ensures durability and rigidity, allowing the tents to maintain their shape under high pressure.
  • Specialized PVC Layers: Provide superior air-holding capabilities and water resistance, ensuring the tents are tough and long-lasting.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Minimizes air resistance, improving fuel efficiency and reducing wind noise.

Product Range: 

Flated offers a variety of inflatable products, including truck bed tents, rooftop cargo carriers, and accessories designed to enhance outdoor experiences. Customers highly rate their products for their ease of use, durability, and practicality.

Customer Reviews and Feedback: 

Customers consistently praise Flated products for their innovative design, ease of setup, and robust construction. Many highlight the inflatable design’s convenience and the quality of the materials used.

Flated inflatable truck topper on roof of a car.

Review of the FLATED AIR-Carrier Inflatable Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Product Title: FLATED AIR-Carrier Inflatable Rooftop Cargo Carrier – 20 Cubic Feet 100% Waterproof for All Vehicles with/Without Rack – Aerodynamic Shape High-Pressure Hand Pump-Storage Pockets – Easy Carry Storage

The FLATED AIR-Carrier protects and secures your cargo loads from road grit, sun, wind, and rain. With 20 cubic feet of storage space, this rooftop cargo bag is made from specialized materials that are tough and water-resistant, ensuring your cargo remains dry and secure even in challenging weather conditions.


  1. Spacious Storage: Offers 20 cubic feet of storage space, making it ideal for carrying large cargo.
  2. Durable Construction: Made with drop-stitch fabric and specialized PVC layers, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  3. Waterproof Design: Treated to be water-resistant, protecting your cargo from rain and moisture.
  4. Easy to Inflate and Deflate: Comes with a high-pressure hand pump for quick inflation and deflation, simplifying the setup process.
  5. Aerodynamic Shape: Reduces wind resistance and noise, improving fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.
  6. Convenient Storage: Includes an easy-carry storage bag with shoulder straps, making transport and storage effortless.


  1. Price: The FLATED AIR-Carrier is relatively expensive compared to traditional rooftop cargo carriers.
  2. Requires Manual Inflation: While the hand pump is efficient, some users may find manual inflation and deflation a bit tedious.

Personal Experiences and Customer Reviews: Users appreciate the FLATED AIR-Carrier’s spacious design, durability, and ease of use. Many highlight its waterproof capabilities and aerodynamic shape as significant advantages. However, some mention the high price and the manual effort required for inflation as minor drawbacks.

Flated inflatable truck topper closeup image.

FAQs about Flated Inflatable Truck Toppers

What makes Flated inflatable truck toppers different from traditional ones?

Flated inflatable truck toppers are designed for easy use, featuring quick inflation and deflation with a high-pressure hand pump. Unlike traditional rigid toppers, they offer flexible storage options and can be easily packed away when not in use.

How durable are Flated inflatable truck toppers?

Flated inflatable truck toppers are constructed with durable drop-stitch fabric and specialized PVC layers, ensuring high durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. The materials are engineered to maintain their shape and rigidity under high pressure.

Are Flated inflatable truck toppers compatible with all vehicle types?

Yes, Flated inflatable truck toppers are designed with universal compatibility in mind. They feature built-in webbing straps that securely attach to most aftermarket or factory-installed cross bars, making them suitable for various vehicles.

How does the aerodynamic design of the FLATED AIR-Carrier benefit users?

The aerodynamic design of the FLATED AIR carrier reduces wind resistance and drag, which helps improve fuel efficiency and reduces wind noise during travel. This design enhances the vehicle’s overall performance and aesthetics.

What is the storage capacity of the FLATED AIR-Carrier?

The FLATED AIR-Carrier offers 20 cubic feet of storage space, providing ample room to protect and secure cargo loads from road grit, sun, wind, and rain. Its interior storage pockets also help in organizing smaller items efficiently.

How easy is it to transport and store a Flated inflatable truck topper?

Flated inflatable truck toppers are designed for easy transport and storage. They come with a high-pressure hand pump for quick inflation and deflation, and an easy-carry storage bag with shoulder straps for convenient packing and transportation.


Inflatable truck bed tents offer a perfect blend of convenience, protection, and versatility for outdoor enthusiasts. Among the top brands, Flated stands out with its innovative designs and durable materials. Their FLATED AIR-Carrier Inflatable Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a testament to their commitment to quality and functionality. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, a road adventure, or need extra storage space, investing in an inflatable truck bed tent like those offered by Flated can significantly enhance your outdoor experience.