Foldable pools have become increasingly popular in recent years as a convenient way to have a swimming pool in your backyard without the major construction project or permanence of a traditional in-ground pool. Foldable pools come in various shapes, sizes and types to suit different needs and budgets. In this blog post, we’ll look at the best foldable pool brands the different types of foldable pools, and explain how foldable pool systems work.

Best Foldable Pool Brands

The Benefits of Foldable Pools

There are several key benefits that make foldable pools a great option compared to fixed pools:


Foldable pools can be set up in almost any outdoor space and moved to different locations as needed. This makes them perfect for renters, small backyards, or camping trips.

Easy Setup

Most foldable pools can be set up in under an hour, often with just 1-2 people. There is no major construction needed.


Foldable pools are significantly cheaper than in-ground pools, costing just a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on average.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance on foldable pools is minimal compared to fixed pools. Chemicals and cleaning are still needed, but no pipes, pumps or pool liners to maintain.

Temporary Use

Foldable pools can be taken down and stored away during colder months when not in use. This saves on heating bills and maintenance in the off-season.

Top Foldable Pool Brands

Many brands manufacture foldable pools. Still, these 3 stand out for quality, affordability and design options:

Intex Pools

Intex is one of the most popular and affordable brands of foldable pools. Their pool frames are made from rust-proof galvanized steel, and the pool lining is a durable 3-ply PVC material. Intex offers round, oval, rectangular and square pools from 8ft to 33ft in a range of heights. They also have many pool accessories and maintenance products.

Bestway Pools 

Bestway pools are also budget-friendly while still being durable. They offer steel tube frames and a reinforced triple-layer PVC liner. Unique pool shapes like hexagonal and octagonal are available along with typical round, oval and rectangular pools. Bestway pools range from 5ft diameter up to 32ft long oval models.

iPool Deluxe 

For a more premium foldable pool, iPool Deluxe is a great option. Their pools have powder-coated rust-resistant steel frames and extra durable pool linings. Unique TubeFloat Technology makes setup easier. iPool offers lots of designer pool shapes and sizes up to 24ft in length.

Types of Foldable Pools

Types of Foldable Pools

There are a few main types of foldable pools, which range in shape, size and structure.

Round Metal Frame Pools

The most common and inexpensive foldable pool variety is made with a round metal tube frame that supports a circular pool liner. These above-ground round pools are typically 8-18ft in diameter and 2-4ft deep. They are quick to set up and easy to relocate.

Oval & Rectangular Frame Pools  

For a larger swimming space, oval and rectangular frame foldable pools are a great choice. The oval hoop tube frame surrounds a large oval pool liner, usually 12-32ft long. Rectangular metal frame pools use vertical side supports with horizontal top rails around a rectangular pool liner, ranging from 10-25ft on average.

Inflatable Ring/Disk Pools

Inflatable foldable pools use an inflatable ring or disk structure to hold up the round pool liner. These are often smaller pools of around 5-10ft in diameter but are the quickest to set up. They require no metal frame but punctures can be an issue.

Wooden Framed Pools

Some more premium foldable pools use a strong wooden frame, like pine or cedar, to support the pool liner rather than a metal frame. This gives a classier aesthetic. Wood-framed pools are more expensive but very durable when properly treated.

Frame Pools With Decks

Many metal or wood frame rectangular pools can add optional pool decks. These allow you to attach a decking structure around part or all of the pool exterior. Having a deck provides additional space for lounging and sunbathing.

How Foldable Pool Systems Work

How Foldable Pool Systems Work

Foldable pools use various frame and liner materials, but the general setup process is similar:

Site Preparation

Choose a flat, level installation site. Install a ground cloth to protect the pool liner from beneath.

Frame Assembly

The frame pieces connect to form the full frame. Round pools use single hoops, while oval/rectangular use side poles with top rails.

Liner Installation

The pool liner is placed inside the frame structure and spread out to cover the bottom and sides of the frame evenly.


A hose is used to fill the lined frame with water. The liner molds to the designed shape as filled. 


Water balance and sanitation must be maintained through regular testing and treatment with chlorine or other chemicals.

Drainage & Storage

When ready to store, the pool is drained and the liner cleaned. The frame and liner are disassembled for compact seasonal storage.

Proper prep and setup are key to a foldable pool’s successful function and longevity. But with minimal effort, they provide all of the backyard fun of a standard pool in a portable package. Foldable pools let you enjoy hassle-free swimming at home or even on family trips.

When choosing the best foldable pool, consider the size, shape, and quality you need while considering affordability. Leading brands like Intex, Bestway and iPool Deluxe offer excellent options to suit foldable pool needs. With the right pick, you can set up backyard water fun in no time each summer.

Foldable Pool Conclusion

Foldable pools provide a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy a swimming pool in your own backyard without major installation or permanent commitment. With the right selection, setup and maintenance, a quality foldable pool can last for many seasons of summer fun. 

When choosing the best foldable pool for your needs and budget, be sure to consider the size, shape, frame and accessories. Leading brands like Intex, Bestway and iPool Deluxe offer excellent options with sturdy construction and appealing designer pool shapes. 

A foldable pool allows you to quickly create a backyard oasis for swimming, play and relaxation each summer, then easily take it down for storage in fall and winter. With minimal investment of time and money, a foldable pool delivers maximum enjoyment and flexibility. Give your family the dream of a backyard pool this summer with the perfect foldable pool choice for your home.