Few summer pool accessories beat the relaxation and fun of floating on an inflatable pool lounger. Also called pool floats or water hammocks, inflatable pool loungers allow you to effortlessly relax, sunbathe or nap anywhere in the swimming pool. With so many options available, choosing the right lounger for your needs and pool activities requires some consideration.

Float Away With the Best Inflatable Pool Lounger

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

  • Top brands of inflatable floating pool loungers
  • The different ways to use pool loungers  
  • An overview of the various types and styles
  • Factors to consider when selecting a lounger

With this information, you can pick out the perfect inflatable pool loungers to enhance lazy days poolside this summer.

Leading Brands of Inflatable Pool Loungers

Several brands stand out for quality designs and durable construction in inflatable floating pool loungers. Some top options include:


Known for its trendy, Instagram-worthy inflatable pool lounges designs like the Flamingo and Avocado. They use thick, durable vinyl materials for quality construction. Funboy loungers feature stylish patterns and contemporary-shaped backrests to provide an upscale, comfortable floating experience. Popular options include the Pizza Slice lounger, perfect for sharing.


Offers budget-friendly inflatable pool loungers and combo sets. Intex loungers are made from laminated PVC and provide decent quality at very affordable prices. Many Intex loungers include built-in cup holders for enjoying drinks while floating. Intex also has paired sets combining a lounger with a fun ride-on float for versatility.


Provides various ergonomic inflatable pool lounge options with adjustable backrests and headrests. This allows you to customize the reclining position for optimal floating comfort. Jasonwell uses thick vinyl materials that are 0.6mm thick for durability and reliability. Large armrests on Jasonwell loungers provide added relaxation. 


Known for good-quality inflatable pool loungers featuring mesh seat bottoms. The mesh material allows cooling water to flow through while providing soft support. Kempo’s mesh loungers cradle your body comfortably while preventing overheating on hot summer days. Their loungers come in fun, bright colors.



Offers colorful novelty-shaped inflatable pool loungers that add a playful, summery element to any pool. Choose from styles like unicorns, giant ice cream cones, frosted donuts, pizza slices and more. Swimline uses heavy-duty vinyl that withstands UV rays. Their loungers will provide seasons of whimsical fun.


Creates oversized inflatable pool loungers with up to 400 lb capacity, made for sharing with friends and family. Wow loungers utilize thick 0.8mm vinyl for durability and strength. Many Wow loungers include built-in coolers, cup holders and accessory hooks for maximum floating convenience.


Provides quality mesh seat inflatable loungers at very affordable prices. Thanks to the mesh design, their loungers allow cooling water flow while supporting your back and body comfortably. Docooler’s mesh pool loungers fold up compactly for storage and portability. 

With so many styles, you can mix and match options for the perfect lounger lineup.

How to Use Your Inflatable Pool Lounger

Key Factors in Choosing Inflatable Pool Loungers

Inflatable pool loungers invite numerous possibilities for relaxation and play. Popular ways to use loungers include:

  • Tanning – Loungers provide a comfortable spot to bask in the sun.
  • Napping – Gentle water rocking lulls you into an afternoon snooze. 
  • Drink Holders – Loungers designed to hold beverages means no more worrying about spills.
  • Kids Play Spot – Let the kids splash away the afternoon on a fun lounger.
  • Exercise Aid – Use loungers for extra flotation during water aerobics or therapy.
  • Party Station – Clustered loungers create a fun zone for chatting and mingling.

The whole family can enjoy optimal pool time with a mix of loungers.

Overview of Inflatable Pool Lounger Types 

Several varieties of inflatable pool loungers exist to serve different preferences and needs.

Classic Loungers

The most common style is a simple lounger with a backrest to recline and float in a classic lounge position. These vary from budget models to high-end ergonomic loungers with headrests.

Party Loungers 

Oversized models built for two or more people offer a spot to socialize in the pool. Some have coolers or cup holders built in.

Canopy Loungers

For shade, loungers with an overhead canopy protect from the sun’s rays.

Animal or Novelty Loungers

Fun shapes like flamingos, unicorns or slices of pizza add a playful, summery element to the pool.

Hybrid Loungers 

Some loungers convert to other functions like a roll-up exercise mat for yoga poses and stretching poolside. 

Lighted Loungers

For night swimming, loungers with LED lights built into the sides or bottom create a cool glow.

With endless designs available, you can curate the perfect lounger assortment.

Key Factors in Choosing Inflatable Pool Loungers

Keep the following features in mind when selecting inflatable pool loungers for your needs:

  • Size – Consider the number of people and overall pool dimensions.
  • Weight capacity – Look for a higher capacity if loungers will be shared. 
  • Extras – Decide if you want cup holders, handles, headrests or other accessories.
  • Kid-friendly – For young kids, opt for loungers with backrests they can grip securely.
  • Materials – Vinyl and mesh are durable options that withstand sun and chlorine exposure.
  • Shape – Pick fun novelty styles or traditional loungers tailored to activities.

Choosing loungers suited for your pool setup and lifestyle helps ensure optimal relaxation and fun all summer.

Give your pool days an instant vacation vibe with the perfect mix of functional and playful inflatable loungers. Float your cares away with the ideal options for tanning, napping, playing, or just idly soaking up the summertime atmosphere from the leisurely comfort of a floating pool lounger.

FAQs about Inflatable Pool Loungers

How do you inflate an inflatable pool lounger? 

Most inflatable loungers come with a hand pump or allow for electric air pump inflation. Fill until the lounger is firm but not overly tight.

Are inflatable loungers safe for babies?

Inflatable loungers alone are not infant-safe. But some models offer add-on baby seat accessories to hold little ones securely.

How long do inflatable pool loungers last?

With proper care, quality loungers typically last for 2-3 summers of use before materials start to degrade. Higher priced models offer increased lifespan.