An inflatable pool provides instant backyard fun, but adding a slide takes the excitement to a whole new level! Kids and adults alike love zooming into the cool water. However, with so many options, how do you choose the best slide for your inflatable pool setup?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider when shopping for inflatable pool slides. From construction materials to safety features, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we review some of the top slides on the market to make your decision a breeze. Let’s dive in!

slides for inflatable pools

What To Look For In Inflatable Pool Slides

While inflatable pool slides aim to provide a thrilling ride into the water, they’re not all created equal. Keep these critical elements in mind as you shop to ensure you get a product that will delight all summer long.

Durable Construction Materials

Any water slide will take a beating from excited riders, so durable construction is a must. Look for these quality materials:

  • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride, a.k.a. PVC is a rigid plastic polymer that resists tears, punctures, and chemicals. It’s a top choice for inflatable pool toys.
  • Nylon: Industrial-grade nylon fabric offers impressive tensile strength to withstand energetic play all season.
  • Reinforced Seams: Internal reinforcement along seams prevents rips and leaks even with frequent use.

Stable Anchoring System

A sturdy anchoring system ensures your water slide stays put as kids (and kids-at-heart) barrel down it. The best slides use a combination of the following:

  • Stakes: Metal stakes driven into the ground provide secure anchoring on grass or dirt.
  • Sandbags: For hard surfaces like concrete, weighted sandbags prevent the slide from shifting.
  • Tether Lines: Adjustable tether lines let you customize the angle and positioning of the slide.

Kid-Friendly Features

water slides kids friendly

While water slides are inherently kid-magnets, certain features enhance the fun and safety for younger riders:

  • High Side Walls: Extended side walls contain kids securely in the sliding lane, preventing accidental tumbles.
  • Landing Zones: Inflatable “crash pads” at the end of the slide control the splash zone for safer entry.
  • Gentle Slope: A less steep sliding angle allows easy climbing and a more controlled descent speed.

Top Inflatable Pool Slides Reviewed

Ready to shop? Based on the criteria above, we’ve rounded up some of the best slides for inflatable pools.

1. Intex Water Slide

The Intex Play Center is Amazon’s Choice for inflatable pool slides and with good reason.

Key Features:

  • 75″ x 31″ slide (fits 10ft+ pools)
  • Landing pad for safe splashdown
  • Climbing steps for easy ascent
  • Crafted with puncture-resistant PVC
  • Includes anchoring stakes
  • Connects to garden hose for sprayer effect

Praised for its fast inflation, sturdy feel, and compatibility with 10 foot and larger pools, this Intex model makes a great all-around pick.

2. WOW World of Watersports Slide

Go big on backyard entertainment with this deluxe water slide from WOW Sports.

Key Features:

  • Expansive 25′ slide length
  • 30″ high side pontoons
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction
  • Inflatable “bump” for airborne tricks
  • Oversized landing pad for safe entry
  • Climbing handles assist smaller riders

While pricey at around $1,700, this 25 foot monster slide turns any above ground pool into a miniature water park! Reviewers rave about the high-flying fun.

3. Costzon Inflatable Water Slide

This compact Costzon model easily fits even petite inflatable pools.

Key Features:

  • Modest 58″ x 40″ footprint
  • Detachable water cannon
  • Crafted with 420D Oxford cloth
  • Mesh drain holes prevent puddling
  • Stakes and sandbags for versatile setup
  • Budget-friendly price under $200

If your inflatable pool rounds out at 8 feet or less, this small but mighty Costzon slide delivers plenty of fun for an affordable price.

Make Safety A Splash

Whichever inflatable pool slide you choose, always keep safety top of mind. Establish clear rules like feet-first sliding, one rider at a time, and no horseplay on the slide. Supervise kids at all times and limit sliding to swimmers only.

Also, perform a safety check before each use to ensure the slide remains firmly anchored and free of holes or tears. Proper safety precautions let everyone focus on the fun!


With the perfect slide, your inflatable pool becomes an aquatic adventure zone! Remember to prioritize durability, stability, and kid-friendly design during your search. While your specific above ground pool size and budget will guide your decision, any of our top picks will make an excellent addition to your backyard oasis.

So go ahead, pick your favorite and make a splash! Your summer fun awaits.

Slides for Inflatable Pool FAQs

1. What size slide fits an 8 foot inflatable pool?

For pools 8 feet or smaller, opt for compact slides like the Costzon model which measures just 58″ x 40″. Larger slides require at least a 10 foot pool for safe use.

2. How do I keep my inflatable pool slide from moving?

The best inflatable slides come with both metal stakes for anchoring on grass or dirt and sandbags for weighing it down on solid surfaces like concrete. Using a combination of stakes and sandbags offers maximum stability.

3. Are inflatable pool slides safe for toddlers?

Many inflatable slides are rated safe for kids ages 3 and up. However, always supervise young children on ANY water slide and establish a “swimmers only” rule for safety. Choose slides with high walls and a gentle slope for little ones.

4. How long does it take to inflate a pool slide?

Inflation times vary based on slide size, but most options take about 3-5 minutes with the included air pump. Larger slides like the WOW Sports 25 foot model may require up to 10 minutes.

5. What maintenance does an inflatable pool slide require?

After each use, deflate the slide and allow it to air dry completely before storing it to prevent mold or mildew. Patch holes promptly with the repair kit and periodically wipe the surface with mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris. With proper care, your slide will provide multiple summers of fun!