If you want to add excitement to the lake or pool this summer, inflatable water walking ball provides a fun and challenging twist on aquatic activities. Water walking balls allow you to literally walk or roll across the water encapsulated inside a large inflatable sphere. With varieties available, picking the right water walking ball takes some research.

Best Inflatable Water Walking Ball

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

  • The benefits of water walking balls 
  • Key factors to consider when choosing a ball
  • Reviews of the top water walking ball brands
  • Safety tips for using water walking balls

With this information you can confidently select an awesome water walking ball for hours of entertainment.

Why Choose an Inflatable Water Walking Ball?

Provides a Unique Thrill

Water walking balls give you the unique thrill of trying to balance and move around inside a floating inflatable orb. The instability and challenge of controlling your movements inside the rolling ball creates an exciting and entertaining experience.

Great Physical Workout  

Using a water walking ball gives you a great core and leg workout as you have to engage various muscles to remain upright and keep rolling across the water. The effort to stabilize yourself and coordinate your movements provides fulfilling physical activity.

Enables Solo or Group Fun

Water walking balls can provide fun either as a solo activity as you learn to maneuver yourself inside the ball. Or you can enjoy friendly competition or teamwork trying to coordinate movements with friends inside multiple balls.

Suitable for All Ages

Both kids and adults can have an absolute blast with water walking balls in pools, lakes or calm ocean areas. It’s an engaging activity that provides active entertainment for all.

More Exciting Than Floats 

Compared to standard pool floats that let you passively drift, water walking balls give you active motion as you walk, roll and bounce across the water’s surface. The instability creates more excitement.

Inflatable Portability

Many water walking ball models are inflatable, which provides great portability to take the fun from your backyard pool on vacation to the lake or beach. You can roll on water anywhere.

Water walking balls create a challenging yet enjoyable way to swim actively and roll about your favorite body of water.

Buying Considerations for Inflatable Water Walking Balls

Buying Considerations for Inflatable Water Walking Balls

Keep the following key factors in mind when selecting a water walking ball:

  • Size – Diameters typically range from 3’ to 6’ for adults and 2’ to 4’ for kids. Match ball size to height.
  • Weight Capacity – Be sure your ball can safely support you or multiple users if sharing.
  • Materials – Durable PVC or high-quality plastic construction lasts longer.
  • Portability – If using in multiple locations, choose an easily inflatable and deflatable ball.
  • Handles – Built-in handles provide stability while walking in the ball.
  • Extra Features – Some have add-ons like storage nets or splash covers.

Picking a properly sized and well-constructed ball enhances the experience and safety.

Top Brands of Inflatable Water Walking Balls

Here are some of the leading manufacturers of high-quality water walking balls:

Here are the top water walking ball brands separated into H3 sections with a brief overview of each:


AquaZorb is considered the original creator of water walking balls. They offer ball sizes ranging from 4′ to 6′ in diameter. AquaZorb has models for solo riders and Double and Triple Rider balls suited for more people. Their water walking balls feature high-quality materials and construction.


The Orbii brand offers a unique connected harness system inside their water walking balls. This enables coordinated teamwork between multiple riders rolling the same ball. Orbii has ball sizes of 4.9′ and 6.6′ diameters. Their balls are graded for high durability.


Holleyweb manufactures water walking balls in both adult and kid sizes. Their balls come with a repair kit for any punctures that may occur. Some Holleyweb models feature a transparent top panel. They are reasonably priced as well.

Rivera Toys 

Rivera Toys focuses on kid-sized water walking balls ranging from 2′ to 4′ in diameter. They have fun, whimsical designs and colors tailored for children. Rivera offers budget-friendly pricing on their kid balls.

Blue Wave Sports

Blue Wave Sports water walking balls utilize bumpers for greater stability as you walk and roll. Their models are best suited for one or two riders at a time. Blue Wave balls are approximately 5′ in diameter and made of rugged commercial-grade construction.

AquaZorb is likely the best brand for high-end water walking balls, given their innovative history and premium quality materials. But Holleyweb and Rivera provide great budget-friendly options for adults and kids.

Using Water Walking Balls Safely

While tremendously fun, water walking balls do come with some safety considerations:

  • Always follow age, height, and weight limits recommended by the manufacturer
  • Use caution on slopes, steps or pool bottoms to avoid tripping
  • Start on land to get comfortable maneuvering the ball first  
  • Assign spotters to supervise and assist walkers
  • Don’t overinflate the ball past recommended firmness
  • Avoid rolling over sharp objects that could damage the ball
  • Deflate and store properly out of sunlight when not in use
  • With proper precautions, water walking balls provide safe outdoor summer entertainment.

Make a splash this summer with an exciting water walking ball adventure. With a top-quality inflatable ball tailored for your needs, you’ll be ready to roll into the pool or lake for hours of challenging fun and exercise. Just be sure to pick the right ball size, features and construction for maximum durability so you can continue walking on water all season long.

FAQs for Inflatable Water Walking Ball

How long does it take to inflate a water walking ball?

Most water walking balls take 5-10 minutes to fully inflate using an electric or high-output manual pump. Be sure not to overinflate.

Can you use a inflatable water walking ball in the ocean?

Water walking balls should only be used in calm ocean areas without waves or currents, which could overpower the ball. Lakes and pools are safest.

What age is appropriate to use a kid-sized water walking ball?

Kid-sized balls with a 2′-4′ diameter are suitable for ages 5 and up in most cases. Always check manufacturer guidelines for age, height and weight restrictions. 

Do you have to wear special shoes in a water walking ball?

Protective water shoes are highly recommended as bare feet could slip. The shoes also provide insulation from hot plastic if walking on land first.