When those hot summer days arrive, there’s no better way to find relief than taking a dip in your pool in the backyard. However, installing a permanent pool requires major renovation and costs. This is where large inflatable pools offer the perfect portable and affordable solution for swimming access at home.

Large Inflatable Pools

Inflatable pools have evolved from tiny plastic kiddie versions into spacious options rivaling installed inground pools. Read on for an overview of the leading brands of large, high-quality inflatable pools and a deeper dive into the best model from each line worth considering.

What Defines a Large Inflatable Pool?

Compared to the past’s small, flimsy inflatable pools, today’s models are in a different class entirely. When we refer to large inflatable pools, we typically mean:

  • Over 6 feet in diameter – Much more expansive than kiddie or pet pool sizes
  • Deep water depth – At least 2 feet deep or more for actual swimming
  • Durable materials – Heavy-duty vinyl or PVC layering for strength and longevity
  • Premium features – Options like integrated filtration systems, liners, covers, and more

With sizes up to 24 feet across and 4 feet deep, plus luxury upgrades like built-in filters, these modern inflatables provide an exceptional backyard pool experience.

Top Brands of Large Inflatable Pools

Top Brands of Large Inflatable Pools

Here is an overview of some of the leading manufacturers producing high-quality large inflatable pools:


  • The world’s largest inflatable product maker
  • Vast range from budget to premium models
  • Sizes spanning from 8’ to massive 24’ diameters
  • Features like saltwater systems, liners, pool covers
  • Prices ranging from $50 to $700


  • Another huge inflatable brand
  • Focus on value, reliability, and accessibility
  • Numerous choices from 10’ to 18’ diameters
  • Sturdy Steel Tech construction for durability
  • Very affordable pricing from $200 to $500

Summer Waves

  • Specializes in above-ground pools
  • Luxury Elite and Supreme model lines
  • Sizes up to 16’ diameter by 4’ deep
  • Integrated top ring provides added stability
  • Mid-range pricing from $250 to $800

Pacific Breeze

  • Leading name in outdoor leisure products
  • Premium Easy Set pools up to 18’ wide
  • Built-in saltwater filtration systems
  • High-end models from $600 to $1,200


  • Known for innovative inflatable designs
  • Patented no-leak Triple Layer Tech pools
  • Impressive sizes up to 24’ diameter
  • Advanced built-in filtration cartridge
  • Expensive high-end options $1,500+

Standout Models from Each Brand

Here is a closer look at some of the top large inflatable pool models from these major brands:

Intex 32ft Ultra XTR Pool Set – This massive 24-foot wide pool can comfortably fit up to 8 adults. Comes with a liner, ladder, cover, maintenance accessories, and a 3,000-gallon sand filter pump. Super-tough laminated PVC walls—around $700.

Bestway Power Steel Pool Set – 20’ x 48” pool with durable Steel Tech walls in triple-layered material. Advanced flow control drain valve. Loaded with ladder, cover, filter pump and maintenance kit. Under $900.

Summer Waves 16ft Elite Pool Set – Spacious 16’ x 48” pool with integrated top ring for added stability. Includes heavy-duty pump, cartridge filter, liner, cover, and maintenance tools—top-notch quality for around $800.

Pacific Breeze Easy Set Pool with Saltwater System – 18’ wide pool with convenient no tools set up. The integrated saltwater filtration system keeps water clean without chemicals. The loaded package is under $1,200.

Jasonwell 24ft Inflatable Family Pool Set – Massive 24-foot diameter 3-ply PVC puncture-resistant pool. Built-in filtration system keeps water sparkling. It comes with a ladder, cover, and accessories—a large investment of around $1,500.

Our Top Pick Overall

The Intex 32ft Ultra XTR Pool Set emerges as the #1 choice when comparing all the excellent models. Its huge 24-foot diameter pool and a full set of accessories provide the most space and value for the price. The durable construction and powerful filtration add convenience and longevity. For a spectacular backyard pool, the whole family can enjoy all summer long, the Intex Ultra XTR can’t be beat!

Start Making Memories with a Large Inflatable Pool

Start Making Memories with a Large Inflatable Pool

Inflatable paddling pools used to be just for little kids. But today’s large inflatable pool options allow the entire family to enjoy swimming and playing at home. With the top brands reviewed and highlighted models overviewed here, you can confidently select a pool ready for parties, exercise, relaxation, and lasting summer memories. Investing in a big, high-quality inflatable like the Intex Ultra XTR makes it easy to dive into the giant pool experience in your backyard.

FAQs for Large Inflatable Pool

How long does an inflatable pool last?

With proper care and storage, a large, quality inflatable pool from a leading brand should last 3-5 years or more before needing replacement. Look for durable, layered materials for maximum longevity.

How much space do I need for an inflatable pool?

Check the product dimensions and allow 3 feet of clear space around the inflated pool’s exterior for safe usage. For larger models, ensure your backyard has adequate room.

How much time does setup and takedown take?

A major benefit of inflatable pools is their quick and easy installation. Most quality pools can fully inflate in under 30 minutes and deflate for winter storage in 15 minutes or less.

Can large inflatable pools handle adults?

Yes, premium large inflatable pools are designed for adult and child use, with maximum weight capacities from 600 to over 3,000 pounds, depending on size and construction.