When installing a new swimming pool in your backyard, most people default to the traditional kidney bean shape. However, customized pools open up more possibilities to better match your personality and available space. The shape you choose impacts how you will use the pool, as some lend themselves better to exercise swimming, lounging, playing games, or simply making a statement.

Unique Pool Shapes

Benefits of Choosing a Unique Pool Shape

Unique pool shapes have many benefits compared to basic kidney shapes:

  • Stand out: Unique shapes make more of a splash and can even be seen from above. Distinguish your home with a one-of-a-kind pool.
  • Match your space: Custom pools better adapt to fit yards and landscapes with dimensions out of the ordinary. Take advantage of uneven lines or small spaces.
  • Swim specific sports: Certain shapes like rectangular allow you to swim lengths more easily. Optimize exercise with the right configuration.
  • Enhance aesthetics: Complement your home’s architecture and landscaping with a fitting shape. Curved, angular, or geometric designs introduce interest.

Now let’s explore some of the most popular unique pool shape options to consider for your backyard oasis!

Rectangle Pools

Rectangle Pools

Rectangle pools take advantage of the length to optimize for lap swimming. They often come in simple 25 or 50 meter lengths, but can also be customized.

Rectangle Pool Benefits

  • Swim Laps: Rectangular pools allow swimmers to swim back at forth in a straight line, perfect for doing laps for exercise.
  • Space saver: By utilizing length rather length and width, rectangles can fit in narrower spaces. The can hug the house or fence line.
  • Easy coverage: Rectangular pools are easier to cover with solar blankets, given their simple shape.

Rectangular pools work best for homeowners who plan to swim laps for exercise and have longer, narrower backyard spaces to work with.

Round Pools

As the name suggests, round pools form a perfect circle. They are symmetric and can range from quite small to very large diameters.

Round Pool Benefits

  • Soothing aesthetic: Round pools have a smooth, relaxing look and vibe. The curvature is calm and pleasant.
  • Ideal for lounging: Circular pools have even depths and dimensions all around, creating ample space to set up chairs and daybeds.
  • Makes a statement: A round pool creates a focal point in your landscape and stands out from above.

Those looking for a zen backyard retreat may enjoy the soothing aesthetic and lounging friendly setup of round pools.

Heart Pool Benefits

Heart Shaped Pools

For the romantic at heart, a heart shaped pool sends a sweet message. From small heart line pools to large sweeping heart designs, this shape packs symbolism.

Heart Pool Benefits

  • Romantic vibe: Heart pools set the mood for romance with symbolic meaning and intimate scale.
  • Good for small yards: Small heart shaped pools fit well even in the most compact backyards, great for unusual lots.
  • Adaptable size: Hearts can be subtle or make a bigger statement depending on the scale and intricacy of the design.

Homeowners looking to send a message of love and intimacy with their pool choice can opt for this sentimental shape.

Oblong Pool Shapes

Oblong pools strike a balance between rectangular and oval designs. They utilize an elongated oval shape for both swimming laps and aesthetic intrigue.

Oblong Pool Benefits

  • Space saving: Oblong designs maximize pool size in narrower backyards without taking up as much lateral space.
  • Offers variety: Lengthwise directionality creates more visual interest than a basic circle or oval shape.
  • Swim limited laps: Oblong pools allow some lap swimming back and forth, though limited compared to full rectangles.

For small yards where a rectangle won’t fit but more length is still desired, oblong designs can optimize usable pool space.

Square Pools

Usually quite small, square pools make a modern geometric statement. They stand out for their atypical angles, given most pools have soft curves.

Square Pool Benefits

  • Contemporary style: Square pools introduce modern architecture and aesthetic, great for more minimalist homes.
  • Good use of corners: Square designs take advantage of tight corners and smaller spaces that other shapes can’t utilize.
  • Easy installation: The straight lines of square pools simplify the installation process.

Homeowners with an eye for contemporary design will appreciate adding a square pool shape to their backyard.

Oval Pools

Oval pools have rounded ends that create a more dynamic shape than traditional rectangular lap pools. This organic form can better fit yards with existing landscaping.

Oval Pool Benefits

  • Space saver: Ovals adapt well to the unique proportions of each backyard compared to rectangles.
  • Visually appealing: Softer lines offer visual intrigue and flexibility compared to rigid rectangles.
  • Swim limited laps: Oval designs allow some lap swimming potential depending on width and length dimensions chosen.

For backyards with unusual dimensions or existing hardscape and planting features, oval pool’s adjustable curves can fit where rectangles can’t.

The Perfect Pool Shape For You

When choosing a pool shape, carefully consider how you plan to use the pool and what aesthetic you envision. Measure backyard dimensions and talk with designers to better understand what shapes can physically fit your space. From there, explore the range of pool configurations to find one that checks all your boxes for style, amenities, and function.

The pool shape you select should match available space while accommodating your intentions for relaxation, exercise, play or even making an impressive style statement. With an array of unique options now available beyond basic kidney shapes, you can craft a custom pool oasis perfect for your personality and backyard.