Searching for a pool for your compact backyard that doesn’t compromise features? Rectangle inflatable pools maximize swim space while fitting into narrow areas traditional pools can’t. Read on to learn the advantages of rectangle inflatable pools and compare some of the top models on the market this season.

Rectangle Inflatable Pool

Why Choose A Rectangle Inflatable Pool

Rectangle inflatable pools offer homeowners looking to install a pool on a small lot a versatile, affordable option perfect for narrow spaces. Here’s why you should consider going rectangle for your inflatable pool purchase:

Utilize Limited Area

The long, rectangular shape allows you to take advantage of available length when width or square footage is insufficient for traditional kidney or oval pool dimensions. By minimizing width requirements, rectangles squeeze pools into compact or unusually shaped backyards other configurations simply can’t fit.

Swim Laps

Narrow and long, rectangle inflatable pool dimensions are ideal for swimming laps back and forth, allowing you to use the pool for effective cardio exercise and strength training. Their typical length, usually 12 to 30 feet, gives you ample space to fit in multiple strokes before needing to turn around.

Easy To Install

When inflated, rectangle pools maintain a simple, straightforward shape that’s easier to initially set up and install than curved oval or round configurations that utilize complex framing. Their basic shape also simplifies adding pool accessories down the road, like lights or liners.


Durable materials like puncture-resistant PVC or woven polyester fabric stand up well to wear and tear season over season, allowing rectangular inflatable pools to last for years at a fraction of the cost of permanent installations. Sizes ranging from just 200 gallons offer approachable pricing for homeowners looking to try out a pool without breaking the bank.

Top Rectangle Inflatable Pools

Top Rectangle Inflatable Pools

With the key benefits of rectangle inflatable pools covered, let’s dive into some of the highest-rated models on the market this year:

1. Intex Easy Set 12ft x 30in Pool Set

This extra-long, rectangular pool measures 12ft by 30, creating ample length for swimming against resistance or doing laps to get your cardio in.


  • Super easy 15-minute setup with included pump.
  • Durable 3-ply PVC construction.
  • Interior print visually enhances water.
  • Drain plug for easy seasonal draining.

With over 8,400 Amazon reviews, this pool set is beloved for its simplicity of setup, long-lasting durability through seasons of use, and ample swim space courtesy of its elongated rectangular shape.

2. iPool D 32in x 12ft Inflatable Pool

At a full 12 feet in length but just 32 inches wide, this slim inflatable pool still allows room for adults up to 5’10 to fully stretch out while maximizing space efficiency with its narrow rectangle footprint.


  • 3 air chamber safety design prevents catastrophic deflation.
  • Heavy-duty, thick 055mm vinyl construction.
  • Rapid valve inflation system.
  • Sturdy I-beam floor construction

Its unique I-beam reinforced floor provides rigid support that most inflatable pools lack for only $129. With a 4.7 star average rating, buyers praise the surprising durability and rigidity of such an affordably priced design.

3. Homech Sports Pool 32” X 10’ X 20” Inflatable Family Pool for Kids & Adults

Perfect for smaller yards with extremely limited space, this compact rectangle inflatable pool still allows family fun with interior dimensions of 10ft by 32in.


  • The 3-air chamber safety design has I-beam floor support.
  • Rapid valve inflation and included pump.
  • Durable 22 gauge thick vinyl.
  • Eye-catching blue mosaic interior liner included.

Its colorful woven polyester exterior and cool blue interior print make this $120 pool an aesthetic standout you’ll want to show off! With solid average ratings, buyers describe this pool as the ideal backyard addition for urban homes and yards.

Start Planning Your Rectangle Inflatable Pool Oasis!

Rectangle inflatable pools unlock swim-friendly, forgivingly affordable backyard fun even for those with the most compact home plots or tightest budgets. Make the most of your limited land with an elongated rectangle pool shape perfect for narrow placement along home foundations or fencelines while leaving ample space for swimming laps and enjoying dips during hot weather.

You can determine if this pool variety suits your summer plans by understanding the unique advantages rectangle inflatable pools can offer over traditional kidney shapes. Browse some of the top-rated models on the market for inspiration on sizes and accessory inclusions. Then dive into transforming even the smallest backyard into your very own private oasis this summer with the addition of an in-ground feel rectangle inflatable pool!