Are you dreaming of your backyard oasis but have limited yard space? Round inflatable pools deliver a cozy, spa-like setup, allowing relaxation even on the most compact plots. Their curved form softens angles to create a soothing vibe while fitting into unusual dimensions that traditional pools can’t. Read below on the compelling benefits of round inflatable pools and compare popular models.

Round Inflatable Pool

Why Opt For A Round Inflatable Pool Shape?

Inflatable pools offer homeowners without the yard space, tricky dimensions, or budget for permanent in-ground pools an accessible way to dip their toes in owning an at-home oasis. Selecting a round shape for your inflatable option gives you these unique advantages:

Relaxing Ambiance

The curved perimeter and symmetrical dimensions create a calming mood, perfect for unwinding with an afternoon lounge or zoning out while floating on an inflatable raft. The round shape encourages blissful recreation.

Versatile Placement

Circular pools readily adapt to the quirky corners abundant in urban backyard landscapes. Wedge them into niches between pavers, gardens, playsets, or other permanent features most pools can’t fit flexibly between.

Splash-friendly Geometry

Unlike rectangular pools maximized for lap swimming, round pools offer ample shallow play zones for kids along their gradual curves. The complete symmetry also prevents boring dead zones.

Budget conscious Scaling

Round above-ground pool options range from Intex 4ft diameter wading pools for toddlers to impressive 24ft bowls. This size, flexibility and inexpensive inflatable materials make rounds accessible and scalable to any budget.

With the fringe benefits of round inflatable pools covered, let’s look at popular models out now!

Top Round Inflatable Pool Contenders

Top Round Inflatable Poo

1. Intex Rainbow Ring Round Inflatable Pool Play Center

This ultra-portable pool is just 4 feet in diameter and a mere 8 inches deep, which is perfect for keeping toddlers cool and occupied in the backyard.


  • Fun attached water slide ring for endless splish-splash enjoyment.
  • Super easy and quick setup without pumps.
  • Colorful inflated rainbow ring catches eyes.
  • Just $15 makes this a steal!

With nearly 20,000 Amazon reviews, buyers say this micro pool punches way above its miniature size in terms of fun and durability over multiple summers. A perfect starter ring to test kids’ enthusiasm for splashing before committing to a larger pool!

2. Intex 10ft Diameter Easy Set Pool with Filter Pump

This medium 10-foot diameter pool strikes a sweet spot between size and hassle-free portability and inflation.


  • Strong triple layered laminated PVC sidewalls.
  • Super easy 30 minute setup with included Filter Pump.
  • Room for 4-6 adults plus kids.
  • Eye catching blue mosaic liner included.

Its integrated filter system sets this round inflatable pool apart from most competitors and explains its #1 Best Seller badge. Over 15,000 reviewers rate this their top choice for an affordable yet premium backyard pool with helpful accessories.

3. AKLIV 24Ft Round Family Pool

Truly impressive at 24 feet in diameter, AKLIV’s jumbo inflatable pool creates a showstopping backyard centerpiece sure to inspire pool envy from guests.


  • Made from multilayer thick 0.6mm PVC for rugged durability.
  • Includes sand filter pump and pool skimmer.
  • Handy drain valve for easy maintenance.
  • Stunning traditional Above Ground Pool aesthetic.

With its sand filtration system, durable vinyl construction and expansive dimensions, reviewers call this pool an inflatable with genuine in-ground quality at just a quarter of the permanent installation price. Though an investment at $950, its strong average rating shows buyers felt it a bargain for such a convincingly luxe pool.

Make a Splash With An Inflatable Round Pool

Don’t resign to hot, restless summers just because your backyard space is limited. Indulge in an irresistibly priced inflatable pool offering as much fun as permanent versions thanks to smart shape selection.

Round above-ground pools especially allow you to make the most of quirky small dimensions while introducing a serene, spa-like vibe perfect for kids’ rambunctious play or adults’ laidback lounging. Size up options running the gamut from wading to impressively large to find your ideal summer centerpiece. Then dive into nonstop staycation fun with a round inflatable pool made to match both modest spaces and wallets!