Having your own swimming pool in your backyard is an amazing luxury, indeed! You can have a great time with your family and friends during pool parties that you organize on weekends. While it cannot be denied that owning a swimming pool makes you the center of attraction among your peers, you should also remember that maintaining a pool is not as easy as you think. You have to maintain your pool free from chemicals and contaminants so that it is safe and healthy for you to enjoy. You will find quite a few pool chemical kits available in the market when you set out to buy a cleaning product for your pool. However, the main point to remember is that you have to use the right kit that suits your pool. You should also use these chemicals in exactly the right dosages as mentioned in the pack because too much of it would end up making your pool toxic and too little of it would make your pool prone to contaminants. In this article, we have listed the top 9 pool chemicals for this year along with a brief overview of each of them. Read through each of them and buy the one that suits your pool size, the frequency of use and other requirements. Make a qualified decision after analyzing these choices, and you will never regret your decision.

1. In the Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Start-Up Kit

In The Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit

In The Swim Basic


If you are looking for a chemical kit for your small pool (one that holds up to 7500 gallons of water) to keep your pools free from contaminants and algae, the chemical startup kit from In the Swim brand is a great choice for you. Yes, you cannot use this kit for large pools; however, it is still a great cleaning option for small pools. Here are some details about this product:


  • Comes with a special chlorine shock element that acts very effectively on bacteria and other contaminants to keep your pool clean all through the year
  • Non-metallic algaecide that keeps your pool free from algae growth even when you don’t use it for a long time
  • Kit contains elements to eradicate stains, rust and scale formations, thereby keeping your pool clean and hygienic at all times
  • Comes with Sun-Sorb, an oil absorber that ensures that all the oil and muck/scum that accumulates in your pools is completely absorbed
  • Comes with a clarifier that can be used along with the chemicals to keep the pool water fresh and clean always
  • The kit contains a ten-pack test strip that you can use to test the pH balance, chlorine content, alkalinity level and the level of the stabilizer (usually cyanuric acid) in your pool
  • Kit contains essential cleaning elements that are measured to accuracy and that have passed through all quality standards
Pros and Cons
  • Keeps the pool stain-free, bacteria-free and algae-free at all times, thereby making it safe for the usage of kids
  • Quite affordably priced at just around $30
  • Considered as one of the best starter kits for beginners
  • All the components of the starter kit are very effective when used as per the exact measurements as advised in the manual
  • Useful only for small pools (ones that hold around 7500 gallons of water)
  • Instruction manual not as clear as it should be for first-timers; only experienced people can understand it
Bottom Line

The  Pool Opening Chemical Startup Kit from In the Swim brand does contain a few impressive components such as the chlorine shock, clarifier, stain & rust remover and a non-metallic algaecide that keep your pool clean, fresh and hygienic. However, the downside to this kit is that it is only suitable for very small pools (up to 7500 gallons of water). Go for it only if your pool size is as small as this, as the kit wouldn’t work in large pools.

2. Leisure Time 45125 Free Sanitising System

Leisure Time 45125 Free Sanitizing System

Leisure Time 45125


Are you looking for a pool sanitizer that is not only chlorine-free but also bromine free? Do you have very sensitive skin or do you have kids who use the pool frequently, and you want your pool to be safe for them? If yes, the Leisure Time 45125 Free Sanitising System is the right choice for you. This is a complete spa care kit and comes with all the ingredients that you need to set up your spa or hot tub. Here are some details of this product:


  • Sanitizer is biguanide-based, which means, it doesn’t irritate your skin, eyes or hair
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine and bromine
  • Free from odors, which makes your time spent in the pool a rather pleasant one
  • Comes with the free sanitizing system, test strips to test the alkalinity and pH balance in the spas/hot tubs, fast gloss, boost, control, and fast gloss
Pros and Cons
  • Easy to set up the whole system
  • Crystal-clear, fresh, odorless and chemical-free water guaranteed
  • One of the best starter packs you need to try if you have sensitive to very sensitive skin
  • The very helpful customer service team
  • Great kit for those who are new to owning and cleaning a spa
  • Not a structured starter kit; each bottle is of different size, which may lead to confusion among users
  • Boost, Control, and free sanitizing lotion needs to be bought every month as the supplies that come along with the kit last for only about 30 days
  • Free Sanitizer is quite clumpy; you need to shake it well before use to avoid seeing lumps in your pool
Bottom Line

While the Leisure Time 45125 Free Sanitising System is a decent sanitization system for your pool/hot tub/spa, we wouldn’t recommend it for you unless you have serious skin problems. Yes, this kit does have some positives for it in the form of a lack of odor and chemicals; however, we do feel that there are better kits with structured/measured ingredients that are waiting for your trial in the market. Also, this product is not available for sale in Catalina Island.

3. Blue Wave Pool Chemical Spring Start-Up Kit

Blue Wave NY980 Pool Chemical Spring Start-Up Kit

Blue Wave NY980


Blue Wave is one of the well-known names in the pool cleaning industry and this Blue Wave Pool Chemical Spring Start-Up Kit is only an example of the brand’s high-quality products. Most of the pool cleaners are designed to suit only one particular pool size. However, this kit has broken the stereotypes as it comes in three packages of ingredients that are measured accordingly to suit your pool size. Let’s see the details below:


  • Comes in three package sizes – Small (for 7500-gallon capacity pools), medium (for 15000-gallon capacity pools and large (for 30000-gallon capacity pools)
  • Contents of the kit are as follows:
    • Small – a pint each of terminator algaecide, shimmer clarifier, rust and scale remover, and 1lb. of Burst (burst is nothing but a dichloride shock that is effective in killing bacteria and contaminants that settle in the pool)
    • Medium – a pint each of Halt 50 Algaecide and shimmer clarifier, 1-quart rust & scale remover and 2lbs. Burst
    • Large – a pint of Halt 50 Algaecide, 1 quart each of shimmer clarifier and rust & scale remover and 3lbs. Burst
  • Shimmer clarifier, true to its name, makes your pool water as clean and fresh as possible
Pros and Cons
  • Very affordably priced (Small – around $33, medium – around $38 and large – around $44)
  • Gives you the flexibility to choose the one that suits your pool size
  • Clears contaminants such as bacteria and algae thoroughly and keeps your pool clean all through the year (even when you don’t use it)
  • Test strips for alkalinity or pH balance not available with the kit
  • Instructions to use are not clearly mentioned on the kit
  • Some users noticed issues of foam with their algaecide
Bottom Line

If you are new to pools, pool maintenance, and pool cleaning, we would not recommend the Blue Wave Pool Chemical Spring Start-Up Kit for you. This kit is strictly for those who are experienced in maintaining their swimming pools. Though this kit is affordably priced and comes in three different sizes to suit your pool size, it doesn’t have a structured list of directions on how to use it and the dosage of the ingredients. So, newbies are sure to be in a fix while using this!

4. Leisure Time E5 Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules

Leisure Time 22337A Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules for Spas and Hot Tubs

Leisure Time 22337A


Though the Leisure Time E5 Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules have been exclusively designed to clean hot tubs and spas, you can also use them for maintaining your swimming pool, especially if you are using a chlorine-based sanitizing system. Thanks to these granules, you can be assured of clean, fresh, clean and sanitized water at all times. Here are some features of this product:


  • EPA approved ingredients that work better than most of the chlorine-based products in the market today
  • Speedy dissolving time of these granules as compared to its competitors
Pros and Cons
  • Great for people who are new to owning tubs, spas, and pools
  • Very easy to use and judge the level of chlorine required for your pool size
  • Quite affordably priced
  • One of the trusted names in this field as it has been in the business for over 30 decades now
  • Would have been better if it contained a bit of bromine too, for better cleaning purposes
  • Need to check water chemistry readings thoroughly before adding in these granules, else you would be left with a pool of white non-dissolved particles floating on the water
Bottom Line

The Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules from Leisure Time is definitely one of the most user-friendly products in the market today. These granules dissolve well, and they are available at a very attractive price. Though it works for pools, we would like to recommend this for you only if have a hot tub or spa.

5. Spa Frog 3.5 Swimming Pool Start-Up Kit

SpaFrog Chemical Bundle

SpaFrog Chemical Bundle


The Spa Frog Start-Up Kit is not exactly meant for swimming pools; it works wonders on hot tubs and Jacuzzis though. It is a complete kit that contains all the ingredients that you would need to get fresh, clean and perfectly balanced water at all times. Here are some exciting features of this kit, for your better understanding:


  • Only pool chemical kit that comes with a Spa Frog Floating System which ensures that the chemicals are thoroughly dissolved in the water without leaving any deposits
  • Comes with a Shock Oxidiser, pH and alkalinity increasing and decreasing chemical, spa frog jump start system, test strips, cartridge with minerals and bromine, free-floating dispenser, a detailed manual for spa care and a measuring cup
  • Perfect for a tub that can hold up to 500 gallons of water
Pros and Cons
  • Complete value for money; you get your complete spa-care essentials for an investment of around $60
  • Improves water quality phenomenally by maintaining a neutral pH balance and destroying bacteria completely
  • Works great when you are newly setting up your tub or Jacuzzi
  • Some users felt that just the Spa Frog Floating System (around $27) was far more effective than most of the other ingredients that accompanied with this kit;
  • Doesn’t contain a treatment for clarifying water
Bottom Line

We would recommend you to get only the main floating system from Spa Frog for your hot tub/Jacuzzi if you are looking for a good chemical for the same. The other additives such as an oxidizer, bromine, pH balancer, etc. are not quite very effective in this kit. You may want to buy them individually for getting clean, fresh and contaminant-free water in your tub/Jacuzzi at all times.

6. SPA Chemicals – 8 month- a supply starter kit for hot tubs – Go Green

SPA Chemicals - 8 Month Supply

SPA Chemicals – 8 Month Supply


Do you want to clean your hot tubs in the most eco-friendly way? This green maintenance kit from CareFree SPA is a great choice for you. It consists of cleaning essentials that are made from natural ingredients that are good for your face, skin, eyes, and hair. Here are some features that make this kit good for the earth.  


  • It comes with a 20 oz. bottle of Citri- Clean solution, 4, 16oz. natural spa bottles
  • Natural citrus elements are used in preparing this; therefore, you can do away with toxic chemicals and pungent odors in your hot tub
  • The powerful citric acid formula keeps your tub safe from corrosion, scale and calcium build-ups
  • Natural Spa takes care of removing all traces of Baqua-spa residues if any
Pros and Cons
  • Natural and eco-friendly; therefore quite safe for your skin; you can use it even if you have very sensitive skin
  • Ideal for your tub-cleaning, especially if you are living in a very cold locality
  • Great customer service
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee policy
  • Works effectively, only when you have an ozone generator as well
  • Chlorine is still needed to get 100% clear water
Bottom Line

If you thought that this start-up kit was going to clean your hot tub in the most natural and eco-friendly way, you are mistaken! Yes, it does a good job of keeping your tub chemical-free, corrosion-free and odor-free. However, for the kit to work well, you would still need the help of external items such as an ozone generator and chlorine/bromine kits to test the pH balance and alkalinity level of your water. So, we feel that this kit isn’t worth your money.

7. Doheny’s Start-Up Kit for Swimming Pools

Doheny's Swimming Pool Start-Up Kits

Doheny’s Start-Up Kits


If you are looking for a complete start-up kit to clean your large pool ( one that can hold up to 30000 gallons of water), the Doheny’s Start-Up Kit for Swimming Pools is the right choice for you. This is a kit that is designed to provide you full value for your money as it contains specially formulated ingredients to keep your pool clean from all types of contaminants, all through the year. Here are some features of this product.


  • Each of the kits comes with a quart each of metal remover, water clarifier and spring algaecide, 2lbs. of Super Shock Plus and 10 water testing strips
  • Also comes with a free Sun Sorb Oil and Scum absorber that keeps your pool water fresh and clean at all times
  • Metal remover found in this kit is unique and not found in most of the other units
Pros and Cons
  • High-quality of chemicals that act on the water immediately after usage
  • Pool water is always fresh and free from residues such as calcium build-ups
  • 10 test strips free helps you to test your water multiple times for pH balance, alkalinity, etc.


  • Some users reported that their kit missed the oil absorber, but the issue was sorted out immediately after speaking to the company
Bottom Line

Since the kit is priced at just around $50, we would recommend you to give it a try. For an affordable investment, you will get quite an exhaustive kit that also contains 10 free testing strips.  Since it is also suitable for large pools, we feel it is a good option for your pool cleaning requirements.

8. Deluxe Spring Pool Start-Up Opening Chemical Kit For Pools

Rx Clear Deluxe Spring Chemical Opening Pool Cleaning Kit

Rx Clear Deluxe


If you are looking for a complete cleaning kit for your pool that can hold up to 15000 gallons of water, the Deluxe Spring Pool Start-Up Opening Chemical Kit is a good choice for you. A major highlight of this kit is that it is packed with all the essential pool-cleaning ingredients that you might need so that you can keep your pool fresh and free from contaminants such as bacteria and algae, all through the year. After the deadly winters, if you want to step into a pool of clean water during the spring to gift yourself and your family a safe swimming experience, you may want to try this product right away. What are some of the exciting features of this kit? Read on to know more:


  • Comes with 1 quart of Super Clarifier that will loosen up the dust particles settled at the bottom of your pool by helping you vacuum them out easily
  • 5lbs. Stabilizer and Conditioner included in this unit – this will improve the chlorine quality of the water by giving out good results without using too much chlorine, thereby reducing your pool’s chlorine consumption by around 80%
  • 10 pounds of Alkalinity Increaser included for maintaining the pH balance of your pool
  • Comes with one quart of multi-purpose tile and vinyl cleaner that keeps your pool’s surfaces free from substances such as oils, chemicals, residues, lotions and more
  • Aquachek Gold Test Strips included so that you can test various factors such as chlorine content, pH balance, alkalinity, pool water range, water quality, bromine content, etc. as and when you want
  • Also contains 6 pounds of Super Shock (consists of 68% of Calcium Hypochlorite) and 2 quarts of Algaecide – both of these elements are immensely helpful in killing all types of algae
  • Contains 1 quart of Metal Remover- this acts effectively on all the harsh metals and minerals that affect the quality of your water and remove all traces of them completely
Pros and Cons
  • One simple kit that contains all possible pool opening ingredients
  • Provides full cleaning to your pool as the kit fights against all contaminants that settle harshly on your pool’ surfaces
  • Works great on pools that are covered with a mesh during the winters
  • Full value for money as you get a complete list of exhaustive cleaning essentials at an affordable investment
  • Manual could have been more detailed to help newcomers as well
Bottom Line

We would recommend this chemical cleaning kit for your pool if you have one that holds up to 15000 gallons of water. With the metal remover, algaecide, stabilizer, clarifier, alkalinity increaser, and super-shock features, it is bound to do a great job of cleaning on your pool. We are sure that this kit would ensure that your pool is green, fresh and clean by the time you start you start with your swimming season.

9. Kem-Tek Above Ground Pool Start-Up Kit

Kem-Tek 26219049063 Above Ground Pool Startup Kit

Kem-Tek 26219049063


If you are looking for a compact and non-complicating start-up kit for your above ground pool, the Kem-Tek Above Ground Pool Start-Up Kit is one that you would like to try. This kit is packed with ingredients that are designed to make your pool maintenance a breeze. Here are some more details about this kit:


  • Comes with 1lb. of All In One Chlorinating Granules, 1.5lb. Kem-Tek Chlorine Tablets, tablet dispenser (floating) and test strips
  • Comes with a detailed manual as well, thereby making it very easy to set this kit up
  • Though it is essentially a start-up kit, it works more effectively during upkeep or maintenance
Pros and Cons
  • Quite affordably priced at around $50
  • Since instructions are clearly explained, this is a great kit for first-time pool users
  • Comes with test strips, which you can use to test the quality of your pool water
  • Doesn’t come with advanced features such as the clarifier, algaecide and more
Bottom Line

We wouldn’t recommend this for you to start-up your pool; however, we are not writing off this product either. What we feel is that this kit would make for a good choice for regular maintenance once you have used a better kit to open your pool. Nevertheless, the downside of this kit is that, as a stand-alone unit, it is never going to be enough to clean your pool thoroughly. You will have to invest in other kits, for best results.